S0183 AF/BF - MY ATLAS OF EUROPE & MY WORLD ATLAS - 2 titles of 24 pages + 1 giant poster + 2 sticker spreads - Soft cover - 210 x 297 mm

Atlas have always been and will remain an all-time favourite… The world is becoming a village and our younger generation are getting overwhelmed by images and sounds coming from every part of the planet via the media. In order to help them localise European and World countries, we have developed 2 interactive titles, coming with illustrated maps and plenty of stickers (more than 100 per title) to position in the books and on the posters. Factual but not too serious, they will help them pinpoint and match countries with the corresponding flags. A large poster map, coming along with each title, can be detached and hung on the bedroom walls of our soon-to-be travellers! On the covers of these two titles, we have represented respectively European and World maps that we can obviously adapt to your very specific location. The same is valid for the posters inside!